By•Works is a design collective based in Copenhagen, engaged in social, political issues and how these concerns can be manifested in built form. We actively explore latent potentials for the space and the matter(s) that form our cities.​​​​​​​
By•Works er et arkitektfællesskab med rødder i København engageret i sociale, politiske diskussioner og hvordan de kan blive manifesteret i bygget form. Vi arbejder aktivt med sekundære potentialer for de rum og ressourcer, der former vores by.
Politics through making
The current project finds opportunity in the byproduct of representational democracy; the election poster. Every two years, thousands of plastic posters are made, put up, taken down, and left disused. The posters contain political ideas for a short time, but quickly become a burden to their makers. Yet they could be seen as an abundant resource with the potential to also materialise ideas.
We wish to use the momentum of the 2019 Danish national elections to encourage people to engage in politics parallel to party agendas by creating a physical platform for making, testing and participating. We invite actors of the Danish political scene to re-activate their used posters to create a temporary civic space.
The built structure will arise during the national election of 2019 and will facilitate talks as well as material testing. The space will evolve through the workshops and as more material is acquired becoming a multicolored democratic mosaic.​​​​​​​
An architecture of civic engagement and material exploration; politics through making.
Democratic Mosaic
We re-imagine the election posters not as individual competitors for votes, but as collaborators, creating a collective space. Our aim is to bring together a multitude of individually represented candidates spanning the political spectrum, utilizing diverse aesthetic tactics whilst being contained in the rigid format of the poster. Through distortion, fragmentation and blending the parts will be woven into a new whole; from an aesthetic of the individual to one of the collective.

Our objective is to collect disused election posters from various candidates and with them, build a pavilion at the political festival Folkemødet in June 2019. Folkemødet is a yearly meeting of people and politicians to debate current political issues, and strengthen democracy and dialogue in Denmark. It takes place in Allinge on Bornholm and this year will run from the 13th to the 16th of June, framing four days of intense dialogue around societal concerns with a special focus on the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
Our presence at the festival is a great opportunity to develop the agency of architects in the political apparatus, seeking active participation and contact between citizens and politicians, through the development of the architectural project.

The design will fulfill three main goals: present structural, architectural and artistic possibilities of the posters, create a gathering point to host talks, and provide a sheltered working surface for workshops.
The pavilion consists of an elevated platform acting both as a counter-top for working on and simultaneously defines a stage area where talks can be hosted. A mosaic canopy of interwoven posters, acts both as a roof, as well as a backdrop to the stage area. The pitched folded surfaces face the main flow of people along the harbour as well as the further side of the harbour, making the structure visible from afar. An L-shaped passage provides an open space for exploration, where one can walk under the mosaic canopy, while on workshop days allowing for the workbench to be accessed from both sides, making the working bench a space around which to collaborate and co-create.
By-Works is Anne Arnbjerg, Levke Danker, Camille Filbien, Tom Joseph and Olympia Nouska